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Georgia man facing felonies for snapping pictures in bathroom

Bathroom stalls can provide users a sense of privacy in an otherwise public restroom. Recently, a Georgia man claims to have had the privacy shattered after he reported that another man took photos of him while he was in a bathroom stall. The supposed photo taker was arrested and is facing felonies over the alleged pictures.

The apparent victim was using the restroom at a Georgia mall when he felt the urge to glance up. When he did, he saw a cell phone aimed right at him. Another man in the restroom claims to have witnessed this act, and says that the accused was taking pictures.

University of Georgia professor facing prescription drug charges

Recently, a University of Georgia professor made what might be seen as an extracurricular request to a student who planned to visit another country during spring break. Supposedly, he requested that she purchase prescription medication and bring it back for him. He has since turned himself in to authorities and is facing drug charges.

Wellbutrin, a drug that is used quite often to treat depression, is at the center of this case. The University of Georgia professor apparently gave one of his students $120 cash so that she could buy the drug while on spring break south of the United States border. Worried that she may be penalized academically for refusing to purchase the medication, the student approached other faculty members who in turn reported the incident to the authorities.

Georgia teen nabbed for drug possession, murder

For most young people, early teenage years are meant as a time to focus on school and have fun with friends. One young man's teenage years may now be uncertain after he was arrested in connection with the murder of two men. Georgia police arrested the young boy on multiple counts including drug possession after it was discovered that he had several ounces of marijuana.

Nearby residents apparently heard gun shots coming from a local park and reported the incident to the authorities. When police arrived at the park, they found two men's bodies who appeared to have been shot to death. That same night, police apprehended and arrested who they believe to be the shooter -- a 14-year-old boy.

Justin Bieber's bodyguard arrested on criminal charges for theft

When it comes to recording popular music, Georgia might not jump to the front of most people's minds. However, several hip-hop musicians record out of Georgia, and recently, pop star Justin Bieber made his way to the south in order to record some of his music. The young singer also seems to be back in the spotlight for some less-than-savory behavior, only this time it's his bodyguard facing criminal charges.

Apparently, Justin Bieber and his crew thought that they might be safer from the paparazzi during their time spent in the South. When it was noted that a photographer was waiting for the young pop star to emerge from a family fun center, he was confronted by one of Bieber's bodyguards. In the past, the star has pointed his finger to paparazzi as the reason for speeding tickets, and he has apparently made his distaste for their job well-known.

Georgia pharmacy robbery just one of a startling trend

After pill mills began appearing in Georgia, police started to crack down on the illegal trade. While this has managed to temper the flow of illegal prescriptions written by doctors, there has been an increase in robberies. Some companies in particular are more prone to fall victim to a robbery by an addict or dealer in search of prescription pills.

Pill mills, which are set up as pain clinics and used to distribute mostly prescription painkillers to both drug users and dealers, increased in popularity in Georgia after surrounding states implemented stricter pain clinic laws. The regulations have since been tightened in Georgia, too, and now only physicians can actually own a pain clinic. With the connection to illegal pill mills severed, pharmacy robberies such as this are rising up at an alarming rate.

Georgia doctor convicted of criminal charges related to pill mill

Prescription painkillers can be wonderful aids for patients who are truly in need. However, due to their highly addictive nature, illegal distribution of these drugs is a serious and pressing social issue. Recently, a Georgia doctor who was arrested in connection with a pill mill operation has been convicted of his criminal charges that he faced for his role in the distribution of prescription pain killers.

When Florida laws changed in order to bar non-medical doctors from being the owners of pain clinics, the owners of a pill mill had to move. They set up shop in Georgia, where the laws concerning ownership of pain clinics are less restrictive. A doctor who recently settled a lawsuit concerning injuries that he caused during surgeries was hired on at the clinic.

Reports of domestic violence rise during winter in Georgia

Reports of domestic violence are almost always taken seriously. When winter rolls around, Georgia shelters and resource centers tend to prepare themselves for an increase in calls and victims that they help. As claims of domestic violence incidents rise, it is important for those accused to remain knowledgeable and up-to-date concerning their rights as well.

Reportedly, domestic violence incidents tend to go up during the winter months. In particular, from November to January in Georgia, the incidents tend to be at an all time high. A number of factors are thought to contribute to the overall increase.

New juvenile justice law goes into effect in Georgia

Juvenile offenders in Georgia have faced a variety of punishments in the past. Now, the juvenile justice system will see some changes this year. A new law went into effect that aims to reduce the number of juvenile offenders in prison as well as reduce costs to the state. 

The new law only requires juvenile offenders who commit serious offenses to be put in custody. Juveniles who commit minor offenses will be put into community programs instead of being sent to a juvenile detention center or prison. 

Georgia man sentenced to prison for framing woman with drug crime

Many drug charges stem from police finding illegal drugs on a person or in their home or vehicle. Drug possession charges can result in serious consequences for individuals. In an interesting twist on typical drug cases, a Georgia man has been sentenced to prison for trying to get another person arrested for drug possession.

The man was sentenced to one year and six months in prison after he was convicted of planting illegal drugs in a woman's car. Prosecutors said the man planted methamphetamine in a woman's car. After the drugs were planted in her car, she was charged with drug possession after a traffic stop. 

Federal drug defendants often take plea deals

If you are facing federal drug charges, you may be worried about taking your case to trial as it could result in a lengthy prison sentence if you are convicted. Federal drug charges should be taken very seriously as they can cause serious consequences in your life. 

If you have been charged with a federal drug crime, a new study on the number of drug defendants pleading guilty may interest you. A new report found that in 2012, many defendants charged with federal drug crimes pleaded guilty instead of taking their chances at trial, according to the Human Rights Watch.