Bond Hearings: How To Reduce Your Risk

While each criminal case has unique elements, the initial goal for all of our clients is similar. Whether it involves the accused or their family members, they want to know that when they need a bond set that we will work to get a bond hearing scheduled as quickly as possible. The initial stage of any criminal case is critical and a judge's early determination on bond can have an effect on the ultimate resolution of your case.

Under Georgia law, courts are directed to consider four factors in determining if defendants in a criminal case meet the criteria to have a bond set on their criminal case:

  • The risk of fleeing
  • The risk of committing another felony
  • The risk of obstructing justice
  • Being a threat or danger to any person, the community or property

How Our Firm Can Help You With Bail/Bond Issues

At Cohen & Hirsch, we recognize that the burden of proof lies with us in showing that you do not pose a risk to anyone should you be released on bond. Attorneys Jill Polster, a former prosecutor, and Andy Cohen, a career criminal defense attorney, possess experience and knowledge of Georgia's criminal justice system, specifically insight into bond hearings from both sides of the courtroom.

Specific bonds include:

  • Own recognizance (OR)/signature bond (SOB)
  • Surety bond
  • Property bond
  • Cash bond

Options still exist if a judge denies bond at the first appearance hearing. The issue can be revisited at the preliminary hearing.

Even if you are under investigation for a crime, an arrest will still require representation at a bond hearing. Take action by contacting us, and we will be equally proactive in pursuing your release from custody.

Committed To Protecting Your Freedom

If you need representation at a bond hearing, the attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch can help. Schedule your free initial consultation at Cohen & Hirsch by contacting our law office at 404-919-7096.