Strong Criminal Defense For Charges In DeKalb County

Are you or a loved one charged with a crime in DeKalb County? If so, you need to act quickly and secure a skilled, experienced and aggressive legal team. The attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense have handled hundreds of cases in DeKalb County, including felony cases in Superior Court and misdemeanor cases in state court. Our attorneys also handle issues in magistrate and recorders courts.

We Know The DeKalb County Court System

When you are facing criminal charges, it is to have an experienced and skilled legal team to secure the most favorable outcome possible. Our attorneys know the prosecutors and judges in DeKalb County. We use our knowledge of how they approach cases when developing a defense strategy.

We Can Guide You Through Your Case

Navigating through the DeKalb County court system can be tedious and confusing. The attorneys at The Cohen Law Firm are experienced in handling DeKalb County cases and are ready to help. Whether your case is...

...a felony in DeKalb Superior Court

...a warrant hearing or TPO hearing in magistrate court, or

...a misdemeanor in DeKalb State Court

...a citation pending in a municipal court of a city within DeKalb County

...a traffic or misdemeanor citation in DeKalb Recorders Court

the attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense know how to navigate through your options to steer you toward the best outcome possible for your situation.

Why Choose Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense?

Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense makes our home, and conducts the majority of our business, right here in DeKalb County. Attorney Jill Polster is a former DeKalb County prosecutor who is well-respected in the DeKalb legal community by her former colleagues in the district attorney's office, court personnel, law enforcement, judges and their staffs. Attorney Andy Cohen, a former public defender, founded Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense in DeKalb County and has been practicing in all of the DeKalb courts for years.

Based on experience, relationships and location, there is no better fit for your DeKalb County criminal case than the attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch Criminal Defense.

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