Understanding Charges From DeKalb Traffic Court

Have you received a citation for a DeKalb County misdemeanor theft by shoplifting, minor in possession of alcohol, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, a traffic misdemeanor or any county ordinance violation? If so, you likely have a court date set in the Traffic Division of the State Court of DeKalb County.

DeKalb Traffic Court is housed in a small overcrowded building near the DeKalb County Jail off of Memorial Drive in Decatur, Georgia at 3630 Camp Circle. Even to seasoned attorneys, the DeKalb Traffic Court can be a hectic, frustrating and confusing place to try to resolve a traffic or criminal matter.

The attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch routinely appear in DeKalb Traffic Court and have a proven track record of success in securing dismissals, reductions in charges, reductions in fines and obtaining diversion alternatives for our clients. The best news about this Division of DeKalb State Court is that if you were cited for a non-traffic misdemeanor, because you were not arrested, there is no impact on your criminal history. If you were cited for a traffic violation, we can work to negotiate an outcome that does not add points to your driver's history which often results in suspensions and increased auto insurance expense.

Should I Hire A Lawyer For Traffic Court?

Often people wonder whether or not to hire an attorney for a traffic offense or low-level misdemeanor. The answer is a resounding "yes"! We always counsel people that they can choose how they want to spend their money. You will either spend it on an attorney or you'll spend it on a fine that is higher than it should be and on increased auto insurance rates resulting from points on your license. These expenses can be avoided if you hire skilled representation to negotiate on your behalf. The attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch know how to maneuver through DeKalb County Traffic Court to get you the best result possible.

Did you know that if you pay a fine on a misdemeanor possession of marijuana citation in DeKalb County Traffic Court that your Georgia Driver's License MAY be suspended? At the very least, if you pay a citation on a misdemeanor marijuana case then you have a conviction for a drug offense and that is not good. There are options for resolving your marijuana case, other than pleading guilty, paying a fine, being on probation and having your Driver's License suspended. The attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch will counsel you and work with you to achieve the best result possible for your unique situation.

We Represent Your Best Interests, No Matter What The Charge

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