Actions To Take After A Marijuana Grower Arrest

Cohen & Hirsch, based in Atlanta, represents clients throughout the state who have been charged with manufacturing marijuana. In Georgia, growing, or cultivating, marijuana is a serious felony offense. Whether you are growing pot for personal consumption or were found with a large grow operation, your offense is the same and you are facing serious prison time and fines.

Growing marijuana is also a federal offense. Those charged with federal cultivation crimes face anywhere from five years to life in federal prison. In addition to losing your freedom, you will have a permanent criminal record. As a convicted felon, you will face a lifetime of public scrutiny. Even after serving time, a permanent criminal record will make it difficult to find a job or housing, be admitted to school or obtain federal financial aid. You will also lose your right to vote or possess a gun.

Serious Criminal Defense For Serious Drug Crimes

At Cohen & Hirsch, we take your criminal charges as seriously as you do. Our attorneys keep their caseload low so they can commit the time, attention and resources your case deserves.

When you hire us, you are giving prosecutors the clear message that you are serious about protecting your rights. Prosecutors know that our attorneys are a force to be reckoned with. When they see the name Cohen & Hirsch, they know they will have to work hard to prove their case against you.

Examining The Evidence In Your Case

Police officers have various techniques they use to identify marijuana grow operations, including thermal imaging and monitoring city utilities for increased electrical consumption. These techniques can be invasive and violate your rights to privacy.

At Cohen & Hirsch, we attack the methods used by police to obtain search warrants and work to have evidence thrown out. If police acts violated your constitutional rights to privacy and your Fourth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure, we will fight to have your charges dropped and your case thrown out.

Our attorneys have a reputation for being aggressive courtroom litigators. We don't plead our clients' cases; instead, we fight for their rights. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to protect your interests, your freedom and your future.

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