Georgia Offers New Avenues For Criminal Record Restrictions

You were arrested for a crime but were never convicted, nor did you ever enter a guilty plea in court. Now you can't find a job, or get into college, or get an apartment because the arrest is still on your criminal history. As of 2013, Georgia has made it easier for people with criminal records to move forward with their lives by providing more opportunities for record restriction (previously called expungement).

Many people who were not formerly eligible, or who have been denied in the past, are now eligible to have their criminal history restricted. While it is not possible to completely delete or clear a criminal record in Georgia, record restriction means only law enforcement and officials in the criminal justice system can see your record — not employers, schools or landlords.

The experienced attorneys at Cohen & Hirsch have been monitoring changes in the law and are poised to provide skilled legal representation for individuals in the Atlanta area who are seeking to have their Georgia criminal histories expunged.

Who Is Eligible For Record Restrictions?

You may be eligible to apply for record restriction of an arrest on your criminal history if:

  • You were acquitted after a jury trial.
  • Your case was dismissed (nolle prossed) after indictment or accusation.
  • You successfully completed a diversion program, conditional discharge probation or first offender probation.
  • You successfully completed a drug court or mental health court program.

You may be able to appeal decisions related to your Georgia criminal history if:

  • You were denied correction of an error to your criminal history.
  • You were denied expungement of your criminal history.
  • Your request for record restriction was approved, but your case information still appears on the Clerk Of Court's website.

The new law expands the types of crimes that may be restricted from your record. Give us a call to learn whether your criminal history may be eligible for record restrictions.

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