First-Time Offenders

At Cohen & Hirsch, our aggressive criminal defense attorneys have been fighting for clients' rights for more than 20 combined years. We know the devastating impact of a criminal conviction ... loss of employment, home and driving privileges. We use every available legal tool to keep our clients out of jail and keep their records clean. Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid having a conviction on your criminal history.

Alternatives To A Conviction

There are many ways to deal with criminal charges. At Cohen & Hirsch, our lawyers examine each client's specific position to find the best possible solution to his or her criminal charges. Oftentimes, alternative paths may offer individuals the best final outcome.

Nonviolent, first-time offenders charged with misdemeanors or low-level felonies may be eligible to participate in a pretrial diversion program through a Municipal, State or Superior Court. As part of the program, individuals agree to participate in alternative forms of sentencing — such as community service and completing classes — in exchange for a dismissal of charges and the opportunity to maintain a clean record. Upon successful completion of the program, not only will the individual's case will be dismissed, but the record of the charges may be restricted (expunged) off of your criminal history.

First-time offenders are also able to avoid a permanent criminal record by entering a plea under Georgia's First Offender statute or under Georgia's conditional discharge sentencing for first-time offenders charged with drug and drug-related crime. Under the terms of either the First Offender statute or the conditional discharge statute, individuals plead guilty to their criminal charges. A plea on a drug or drug-related case under the conditional discharge statute will prevent a driver's license suspension. After successful completion of the terms and conditions of your plea, your case will be discharged and access to your criminal record will be restricted (expunged).

We Can Help You Explore Options And Preserve Your Record

Do not be discouraged thinking that you might as well give up because you are about to have a conviction on your record. Please call us to discuss your options for avoiding a conviction and preserving your clean criminal history. Contact Cohen & Hirsch at 404-919-7096 for a free consultation.