Representing Minors In Juvenile Court

At Cohen & Hirsch, we believe children should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Located in Atlanta, our lawyers provide strong, effective criminal defense representation to Georgia's youth.

The juvenile criminal justice system is very different from the adult system. Where the juvenile system seeks to educate and rehabilitate, the adult system seeks to punish. As a parent, it is important to find attorneys who understand the difference, and will work to help your child overcome his or her legal challenges and find the path to a better future.

Combating Burglary, Vandalism And Drug Charges

Our attorneys act as strong legal advocates to juveniles charged with crimes. We value your child's future, and do everything in our power to ensure his or her life's opportunities are not limited by a bad decision made as a youth.

If your child was charged with a crime — such as defacing school property, possession of marijuana or fighting — you may be worried about the long-term effect this charge will have on his or her life. Our lawyers are experienced and aggressive juvenile criminal defense professionals. We understand the special nuances of the juvenile criminal justice system and build strategic defenses that help minors overcome their legal challenges.

We use every legal tool available to secure alternative forms of restitution — such as community service and alcohol treatment programs — to keep our minor clients out of jail, and provide them with the education and opportunities they need to change their behaviors and prevent additional criminal charges from arising in the future.

Georgia's Seven Deadly Sins

Under state law, children aged 13 to 17 can be charged as adults for certain crimes. Known as the seven deadly sins, these crimes include:

If your child was charged with one of these crimes, he or she is at risk of being prosecuted as an adult. At Cohen & Hirsch, we believe children should be treated as children. Our attorneys work hard to protect our minor clients, keep them in juvenile court and ensure they are given a chance at rehabilitation.

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