Atlanta Student Disciplinary Hearing Attorney

"That is going to be on your permanent record!" How many times did we all hear that growing up? Well, things have changed. If your child is accused of violating school policies they are not only facing disciplinary proceedings which may result in academic probation, suspension or expulsion. If your child is facing a disciplinary hearing before a School Tribunal, you must act quickly to secure experienced legal representation to protect your child's rights. The attorneys at Atlanta's Cohen Law Firm have a track record of successful outcomes on school disciplinary matters at schools in the Atlanta area.

You may only have a matter of days to assert your rights to have an attorney represent you at a hearing and to demand a review of the school's decision to suspend or expel your child. More importantly, a long-term suspension could deprive your child of an education in an academic setting which could cause them to fall behind in school. Of additional concern to you and your child is that depending on the alleged behavior, your child's school may refer the matter to Juvenile Court for prosecution.

Often, schools will act quickly to suspend a student following an alleged incident without conducting a lengthy investigation into the relevant facts and circumstances. Schools will also often ask a child's parent or guardian to sign a waiver of rights and accept the recommended discipline without a hearing before a School Tribunal. Depending on the School District's policies, you may only have a number of days to assert your child's right of review before it is lost forever. It is important that you thoroughly review the School Board's Code of Student Conduct and other policies before deciding to accept the school's recommended discipline.

Schools act fast and so should you. Consulting an experienced Atlanta student disciplinary hearing attorney can help you understand all the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that apply to student discipline and your child's right to appeal.

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