Facing Charges Of Credit Card Fraud

At the Cohen & Hirsch, in Atlanta, we represent people throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro area and DeKalb County, Georgia, in matters of credit card fraud. There are many ways that people commit credit card fraud, often without even realizing that they are committing a crime.

Types Of Credit Card Fraud

  • Using a friend or family member's card: You have been allowed to make purchases with the card before, so why should this time be any different? Many people face allegations of fraud when permission to use the card is suddenly withdrawn without their knowledge.
  • Finding a card: Many people make snap decisions that turn out to be the wrong ones. We have represented people who found lost credit cards and decided to use them, even though they were not the registered card holder. When a card owner or a store clerk reports fraudulent charges, the card user could face serious consequences.
  • Using the card after the divorce: When a couple splits up, disputes can arise around the use of credit cards. While it may have been okay to use a wife or husband's credit card, these permissions can be revoked after the divorce. Many people find themselves in trouble when they use a card, only to find that an ex-spouse has reported it as a crime.
  • Using the card for cash at the gas station: Sometimes people experience factors in their lives that require money they just don't have. We have represented people who have used another person's credit card or a stolen credit card at the gas station, offering to pump others' gas in return for cash.

Many of the cases we handle involve the alleged theft of ATM cards. In these cases, defendants face charges relating to both the theft and use of the card (financial transaction card theft and financial transaction card fraud) — even if these separate charges relate to only one event. Prosecutors often use the double charges as leverage in your case. They agree to drop on if you plead to the other. Many lawyers encourage you to take this deal. However, it is not always the best way to protect your interests.

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