Being Charged With Receiving Stolen Property

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Cohen & Hirsch provides strong, effective criminal defense to individuals facing possession of stolen property charges. Together, we will help you fight the charges and get the best outcome possible so you can move forward with your life.

Receiving Stolen Property — A Serious Criminal Offense

In order to convict you with possession of stolen goods, the prosecution must prove you knew or should have known, the goods were stolen

Common charges for possession of stolen property include:

  • Cars
  • Electronics
  • Guns
  • Gaming consoles

At Cohen & Hirsch, we know there is more to the story than the police report. We dig deep to uncover the true story. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading up to your arrest, identify and interview witnesses, and uncover evidence proving you had no knowledge that the goods in your possession were stolen.

We also examine the constitutionality of your arrest. If police lacked proper search warrants, or did not have probable cause to search you, we will fight to have evidence thrown out and charges dismissed.

Preserving Your Innocence, Standing Up For Your Rights

At Cohen & Hirsch, we believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. No matter what type of criminal charge you are facing, our attorneys will fight to protect your innocence.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Jill Polster knows what the prosecution will do before they do it. By anticipating the prosecution's every move, we are able to take proactive steps that stop the prosecution in its tracks, undermine its case and protect your rights.

As a career criminal defender, attorney Andy Cohen knows his way around the courtroom. He isn't afraid of a courtroom fight. Instead, he stands up for his clients' rights, freedom and futures.

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