Arrested After A Bar Fight?

When alcohol is involved, what begins as a good-natured debate or mild dispute can quickly erupt into a barroom brawl that results in assault, battery and disorderly conduct charges. Located in Atlanta, Cohen & Hirsch provides strong criminal defense representation to individuals facing criminal charges after bar fight arrests.

A Bar Fight Can Ruin Your Freedom And Reputation

Sometimes good, law-abiding citizens make bad decisions. When barroom fights result in criminal charges, it is important to consult with experienced criminal defense attorneys.

In Georgia, bar fight arrests often result in criminal charges such as assault, battery, or disorderly conduct. If convicted, you face large fines and possible jail time. In addition, a criminal conviction will leave a permanent mark on your criminal record, making it difficult to find a job, get housing, and join the military or get student financial aid.

At Cohen & Hirsch, we understand what is at stake. Our lawyers fight hard to keep our clients out of jail and ensure their records stay clean.

Committed To Defeating Criminal Charges

When you hire Cohen & Hirsch, you are getting experienced criminal defense attorneys dedicated to helping you defeat your criminal charges. Attorney Jill Polster's experience working as a prosecutor gives our firm special insight into the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Because we know how the prosecution will build its case against you, we know what is required to undermine its position and defeat the charges.

At Cohen & Hirsch, every move we take is with our clients' interests in mind. Our attorneys don't plead out cases because it is easier and we don't push expensive litigation when a better result can be reached through plea bargaining. Instead, we use every legal tool available to protect our clients' rights and get them the best possible result.

Let Us Help You Move Forward

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