Protecting Your Rights When The Charge Is Murder

At Cohen & Hirsch, we fight for our clients' rights, our clients' freedom and our clients' futures. As experienced trial attorneys, Andy Cohen and Jill Polster know how to build criminal defenses that the prosecution cannot break.

Attorney Jill Polster is a former prosecutor. Her inside knowledge gives us special insight into how prosecutors build their cases and the steps necessary to break them apart.

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping every client defeat his or her murder and manslaughter charges. We personally invest our time, attention and resources, and do everything in our power to have your case dismissed or charges reduced and achieve the most favorable results possible.

Located in Atlanta, our firm provides aggressive, effective criminal defense representation to individuals throughout Georgia.

Strong Charges Require A Strong Defense Strategy

In Georgia, murder and manslaughter are serious offenses. If convicted of murder, your life may be at stake. Under state law, convicted murders get a minimum of life in prison and may be sentenced to the death penalty. Felony-level manslaughter charges carry a maximum of 10 to 20 years in prison — depending on the charge. Even misdemeanor manslaughter charges will result in possible prison time.

At Cohen & Hirsch, we provide strong, aggressive criminal defense representation. We work hard to have our clients' murder and felony manslaughter charges reduced, and fight for their innocence in court. When clients call on our firm, they know they are getting experienced criminal defense attorneys dedicated to protecting their rights.

Aggressively Protecting Our Clients' Liberty

At Cohen & Hirsch, we stand up for our clients' rights. Our attorneys aren't afraid of a courtroom battle. We will attack the prosecution's evidence, undermine witness credibility and question the constitutionality of police officers' actions.

We thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case, including the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If your constitutional rights were violated in any way, we will fight to have evidence thrown out, get your murder charges reduced down to manslaughter and work to have your charges dropped.

Our attorneys use every tool in our arsenal to build ironclad defenses that get our clients the best possible resolution of their murder or manslaughter charges. Common defense strategies include:

When Your Life And Liberty Are On The Line, Call Us

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