Understanding Resisting Arrest Charges

Fleeing a police officer or resisting arrest can quickly turn a bad situation into a worse situation. Not only does this make law enforcement officers unhappier, but they can now bring an additional resisting arrest charge against you, on top of the crime they already suspect you have committed. This only makes potential sentencing that much worse.

These charges can take several forms, including:

  • Fleeing the scene of a crime after law enforcement has arrived
  • Continuing to run or flee after police tell you to stop, whether on foot or by car
  • Trying to escape after police have you in handcuffs or in the police car
  • Getting in the way of another person's arrest

Fighting To Protect Your Rights And Your Future

If you are facing a resisting arrest charge, whether on its own or on top of another crime, contact Cohen & Hirsch today to learn your legal options. Our attorneys have the experience and legal advocacy you need on your side as you face these charges.

Our lawyers will put together a strategy for dealing with the charges. If negotiation can produce a favorable deal, we will help to efficiently put the matter behind you. If prosecutors are not willing to extend a deal that is in your best interests, we are prepared to fight the case in court.

Our attorneys will carefully review exactly how the arrest was made and determine if your rights were violated in any way. We will also help you understand the best possible way to proceed in the case, fighting to protect your rights and your future.

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