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August 2012 Archives

Georgia man arrested on allegations of domestic violence

Recently, a Georgia man was arrested after an altercation that occurred when he and his wife returned home from a party. According to police, after his wife told him that he would have to sleep on the couch, the man threw a pair of boots at the couple's bedroom wall. When the man tried to leave the house, his wife took his car keys, saying he was too drunk to drive. The man is alleged to have then choked his wife, resulting in his arrest and the subsequent filing of domestic violence charges.

Arrest made in slaying of witness

Atlanta police have arrested a suspect in the slaying of an Atlanta bar owner who was scheduled to testify in a criminal trial. She was scheduled to testify in the upcoming trial of a man charged with killing one of the employees in her bar. The case raises interesting issues about criminal defense.

DeKalb County teacher charged with statutory rape, denied bond

Being accused of a sex crime can change your life, even if you're never convicted. Society is quick to condemn those who face sex-related charges, and prosecutors are under immense pressure to convict. Despite what some may say, though, you still have rights when facing sex crime charges.

Heroin seized in DEA sting focused on Atlanta

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration recently teamed up with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office to investigate and build a case against several individuals they think were involved in trafficking heroin -- a charge that law enforcement can make based upon the weight of any substances that they find.