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November 2012 Archives

Man caught for alleged drug trafficking in Atlanta

Being accused of any type of drug charge is a serious crime, no matter the quantity involved or the exact offense. However, drug trafficking is potentially one of the most difficult crimes to defend against, especially if it occurs between states.

General accused of sex crimes claims evidence tainted

No matter who you are or what your position, one's reputation can often be damaged over unfair accusations. Allegations of sex crimes in particular raise the risk of dealing enough damage to reputation in one's professional life or personal life that it could be almost impossible to recover.

Dekalb County criminal conviction reinstated against driver

When people drive, accidents are going to happen. Whether it is hitting another car, some other form of property or even another person, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. For one woman in Dekalb County, unfortunately this is exactly what she says occurred, and now she is facing 12 months in prison because of it.


A young man driving on the interstate is stopped for an alleged traffic violation. Officers don't issue a citation and they don't arrest the young driver. Instead, the officers search his car. The officers find a large sum of cash, and then they take it away from him! The following week, he is served with a lawsuit from the District Attorney's office. The lawsuit alleges that the money is drug money and that the state has a legal basis to keep all of it. The frightened young man calls a lawyer and explains what happened. He finishes the story of the traffic stop by saying, "I didn't know it was illegal to carry cash!"

Landlord's drug-related arrest raises questions

While there is a war on drugs here in Georgia, it often stretches beyond this state's borders. Interstate drug crime typically involves federal investigators, and can result in federal charges. In addition, the state of Georgia has its own drug crimes that are investigated and enforced by local authorities. While it might be common sense for these two factions to work closely together, that is not always the case -- and sometimes, people trying to do the right thing become unwitting targets of overzealous police.