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Georgia man facing felonies for snapping pictures in bathroom

Bathroom stalls can provide users a sense of privacy in an otherwise public restroom. Recently, a Georgia man claims to have had the privacy shattered after he reported that another man took photos of him while he was in a bathroom stall. The supposed photo taker was arrested and is facing felonies over the alleged pictures.

The apparent victim was using the restroom at a Georgia mall when he felt the urge to glance up. When he did, he saw a cell phone aimed right at him. Another man in the restroom claims to have witnessed this act, and says that the accused was taking pictures.

The man accused of taking the pictures was barricaded into a stall while another individual called 911. Before help could arrive, the man ran from the stall and the restroom and headed out into the mall. At that point, mall-goers were creating quite a fuss and alerted officials to the fact that someone may have been taking pictures of men in the restroom. Police later located and arrested the accused at the mall.

When police obtained his phone the battery was dead, and they were unable to retrieve any of the supposed pictures that were taken. Later, they employed the use of a special device to access all of the pictures that the phone had taken. This caused the police to issue warrants for eavesdropping and being a peeping Tom, both of which constitute felonies. While the issue may appear to be straightforward to some, the victim has the right to be presumed innocent until and only if the prosecution is able to prove otherwise in a court of law.

Source: Online Athens, "Athens man charged with taking photos in men's room at Georgia Square Mall", Joe Johnson, April 8, 2014

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