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Felony charges filed against grandson of rapper, actor Ice-T

A grand jury indicted the grandson of 90s rapper turned TV star Ice-T on charges related to an accidental shooting death. He faces a total of five charges, including some felony charges. Although the young man is currently out on bail, he is due back in court soon.

Ice-T's grandson shared an apartment in Georgia with one roommate, where police claim the incident occurred. According to the defendant, he was simply holding a handgun when it accidentally discharged. His roommate was hit in the chest with a bullet and subsequently transported to an area hospital for treatment, where he later died.

Georgia authorities claim that the handgun involved was stolen, although it is not clear if it is believed to have been in the possession of the now-charged young man or his roommate. The firearm did play a role in his charges though, contributing to one count for possessing a firearm during a felony. Additionally, he has also been charged with possessing marijuana and having the intent to distribute an illegal substance. These charges came after police say that he admitted to dealing marijuana.

Virtually any criminal charge related to someone's death is no doubt devastating to both the defendant and those who knew the victim. However, convictions for felony charges can be just as life changing for those accused of committing them. Not only do the consequences of a conviction typically mean time will be spent behind bars, but, for many individuals, it is extremely difficult to later on succeed in the workforce or in educational settings. As such, defendants may want to confer with their counsel about which defense approach would be most appropriate for their charges and their individual situations before making any concrete decisions concerning their defense strategies.

Source: New York Daily News, "Ice-T's grandson indicted by Georgia grand jury in shooting death of roommate and dealing marijuana", Jason Molinet, June 12, 2015

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