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Dekalb couple faces criminal charges after police act on tip

Those who are accused of a crime in Dekalb may be unsure how to proceed following their arrest. Daunted by the charges against them, they face tough decisions that they may not fully understand. Unfortunately, a couple now faces felony criminal charges after police say they were part of a dog fighting ring.

Reports claim that police received a tip about the home. As a result, they conducted a searched and claim they found 18 dogs that were tied. Police claim that the conditions were "deplorable."

Officers also claimed to have discovered evidence that the dogs were being trained to fight. According to reports, treadmills, supplements and creatine were found on the premises. Police say they also discovered a calendar that listed training dates and the weights of the dogs but do not believe that fights occurred at the residence. Nevertheless, two people at the home were arrested and face felony charges related to cruelty, though it is unclear where police believe the fights occurred. A third arrest is expected to be made.

The choices that this couple face as a result of the criminal charges that followed a search Dekalb police conducted  based on a tip can have serious consequences. Fortunately, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. Such a professional can examine the events leading up to an arrest and pursue appropriate recourse if it is believed that they were treated unlawfully. Additionally, defendants may feel more prepared to make informed decisions about the choices facing them, including whether to accept a plea deal, if offered, or fight the charges in court.

Source:, "18 dogs rescued from dog fighting ring in DeKalb County", Tom Regan, Jan. 6, 2018

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