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Arrest made in Georgia McDonald's robbery

When a crime occurs in Georgia and other areas of the country, there is an understandable desire for answers and resolution. Law enforcement officers are often eager to make an arrest, sometimes in spite of a lack of evidence. Unfortunately, a man was recently arrested in connection with a robbery that is said to have occurred at a McDonald's.

Man accused of murder following Georgia attempted robbery

Often, people across the country who are accused of crimes may not fully understand the legal predicaments that they face. In most cases, charges come with many choices that must be made. In fact, a man in Georgia who was allegedly involved in an attempted robbery is now likely facing several decisions after his recent arrest on multiple charges.

4 charged with robbery in Georgia incidents

When a crime occurs, there is an understandable demand for justice. If a string of crimes occur, the pressure to ensure the public that they are safe can often spur an increased need to make an arrest. Unfortunately, three men now face charges of robbery in connection to a string of incidents that reportedly occurred near the campus of Georgia Tech.

Police search for man allegedly involved in Georgia robbery

Anyone who has seen surveillance footage taken from grocery stores likely knows that it is often grainy and difficult to determine a person's identity based on such footage alone. However, some people in Georgia find themselves facing criminal charges, including robbery, on the basis of such footage. In fact, police are now searching for a man they say robbed a grocery store.

Former NBA player charged with Georgia robbery

When a crime occurs, especially one that garners media attention, there is often a rush to assign blame and file criminal charges. Unfortunately, this haste can often lead to arrests that are made even if there is not sufficient evidence to support them. In fact, it is unclear what evidence led police to former NBA player James "J.J." Hickson, Jr., prior to his arrest for his alleged involvement in a Georgia robbery.

3 arrested in Georgia, accused of burglary after cashing in coins

Many people who are accused of crimes in Georgia have little to no legal training. As a result, they are often unsure how to respond to criminal accusations. In fact, three young people may need guidance as they navigate the criminal process after being accused of burglary.

Man charged with burglary following Dekalb break-in

Anyone who has attempted to describe a person's face after meeting him or her for the first time likely knows how difficult it is to provide an accurate description. When the describer is under stress and likely in a dark or poorly lit room, the accuracy of that description could be called into question. A man in Dekalb has been arrested and charged with burglary based on details created in a sketch of a suspect.

Man accused of burglary after R. Kelly's Georgia homes emptied

Most anyone has likely made a mistake as they complete their job-related tasks. While these may be relatively insignificant, some mistakes have more serious consequences. Unfortunately, police in Georgia believe that the selling of the items in two homes owned by R. Kelly was a criminal act rather than a miscommunication between a worker and his boss. The worker now faces multiple criminal charges, including burglary.

4 facing burglary charges following recent incident in Georgia

Being accused of a crime can be a stressful and intimidating process. Those who face a similar circumstances may wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences, but they may be uncertain where to turn for guidance. Four individuals have recently been arrested and accused of burglary following an incident that is said to have taken place in Georgia.

Surveillance footage leads to arrest for alleged armed robbery

Those accused of a crime may find it beneficial to remember that they will remainnocent until -- and only if -- proven guilty in court. However, prosecutors often attempt to submit various types of evidence against an accused individual during court proceedings, such as surveillance footage of the alleged incident. A 26-year-old man is currently facing accusations of armed robbery after a camera allegedly caught him in the act at a local convenience store in Georgia.