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Fierce Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Fierce Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Type of criminal defense presented may affect outcome

Facing criminal charges in Georgia can be a stressful, frightening experience. Especially for someone who has never been in trouble with the law, being charged with a drug-related crime, theft or any number of other offenses may cause embarrassment and serious anxiety issues. Even if no criminal history exists on one's record, it is impossible to presume an outcome in a given situation. Much often depends on the type of criminal defense presented in court.

There is no shortage of people who have been wrongly accused and subjected to lengthy processes in the criminal justice system before they were able to rectify their situations. Worse, many innocent people have been sent to jail for crimes they did not commit. Mistakes like these often occur when defendants lack skilled and aggressive representation in court.

An experienced defense attorney has great insight into the criminal court system. Prosecutors can be tenacious in their quests to obtain convictions. In order to combat their tactics, fierce litigation is often necessary, which the average person without a background in law is typically not prepared to assert. Retaining assistance from a defense lawyer who has successfully gone up against aggressive prosecutors in the past can make all the difference in the world.

The Cohen Law Firm is committed to providing compassionate, fair and dedicated service to anyone in need of criminal defense in Georgia. Our attorneys have both prosecution and defense experience, which means we are well within our comfort zones no matter what obstacles may arise in the courtroom. If you have a particular situation you'd like to discuss, you may contact our office to request a consultation.

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